Pymunk is a easy-to-use pythonic 2D physics library that I started working on already in 2007. It has lived on, and I still work on it today (albeit rather infrequently), more than 15 years later!

I started Pymunk because I wanted to have simple to use 2D physics library to use in the Pyweek Python game competition, and at that time the alternatives were not very well-developed from what I remember there were no 2D physics libraries at the time, and I felt that the fully-fledged 3d physics libraries were too heavy and not so nice to use for the quite simple games I was looking to make. The first version (Pymunk 0.1) was released just before Pyweek 5 in 2007, and then used in my and Srekel's entry Bouncy.

Bouncy. The first game made with Pymunk.

Looking back the game was not a huge success, mainly because we had a huge shortage of time as usual. And add to that, the initial game idea had definitely room for improvement. The idea was more chosen because I wanted to use Pymunk in a game than for being a great game idea by itself.

Anyway, what turned out to be great were Pymunk. It has by now been used with success by others in many projects, big and small. For example: 3 Pyweek game competition winners, almost a hundred published scientific papers and even in a self-driving car simulation! Go to the Pymunk web page at to read more.

Victor 2023-05-23