Eit is a little game I made all the way back in 2006. It's meant for local 'hotseat' multiplayer with 1-4 players sharing a single keyboard and screen. It features 22 special blocks with features such as blink (make your chosen opponents screen blink) or ring (give a 'ring of blocks' to any player). An intense and action filled game awaits!


Get eit-1.0.zip


Eit is a clone of an even older game, Eittris (or Eitris) by Eric Jorgensen which in my opinion have (or at least had) the best multiplayer Tetris experience. Unfortunately it had some issues, especially on Windows which is why I set out to create a clone. It's not a 1-1 recreation, I modded the specials a bit, created my own backgrounds etc., but the heritage can clearly be seen. Thank you, Eric, for a great game that me, my brother and friends spent countless hours with!

4 players fighting. 'Player' and 'Player 4' is already out, while the two middle players are still alive.

The gameplay follow that of other block based games. 'Tetrominos' drop down from the top, and the objective is to place them so that there's no empty space left in the row. When a row if full, it will be cleared. As the game progresses the tetrominos will drop faster and faster. In addtion to the core game play a number of special blocks are available. If a row is cleared with a special block inside, the special will activate. The player can choose if the special should affect him/her, or one of the opposing players.

A list of all the special you can get is shown here, but the exact effect of each one is left as a surprise! Some of them are beneficial, some neutral and most of them quite disastrous ;P


Eit is programmed in Python using the excellent Pygame game framework, using OpenGL (classic) for graphics and PGU for the GUI parts. Its code base is quite old by now and could need a refactor or rewrite... Unfortunately it also shows for the end user. The fullscreen mode works so-so on modern high resolution screens etc.

Victor 2023-05-23